10 years of delivering Pure Travel Marketing!

This year we are celebrating a very special AffiliRed Awards ceremony at a place where the sunset is absolute poetry in motion!
Sounds Fab doesn’t it?

As well as awarding the prizes for the best performance marketing campaigns we will be celebrating Affilired’s 10th anniversary!

Join us to savour an evening of superb catering blended with the best music, prizes and surprises that will give a special touch to the celebrations in which you will play the lead role.

We can’t think of a better place to celebrate 10 years of pure friendship, pure dedication and pure confidence than the sublime Puro Beach.

We hope to see you:

When: Thursday 8th June 2017
Time: From 8.00pm 
Where: At the Puro Beach Palma
Calle Pagell, 1
07610 Cala Estancia, Balearic Islands
Mandatory Dress Code: Just a rigorous smile and wear something red!

RSVP before 15th May 2017: marketing@affilired.com

Expect the unexpected!

Winners 2017

Best Product Award

An award to the best selling product during the last year.


AffiliRed Team Award

This is the reward from AffiliRed as a whole. Each of the AffiliReds departments votes internally. The votes are based on each of the department´s criteria.


Best Attitude Award

Here, we reward your effort and your good attitude. It is a reward intended for the advertiser that has contributed to the development of their Performance Marketing Program proactively and with the best initiatives.


Best Rookie Award

Rewarded to the advertiser which started their Performance Marketing Campaign managed by AffiliRed during last year and whose program has performed best with regard to sales.


Best Seller Award

We grant this prize to the top 3 advertisers whose sales have generated the best benefits.