18th May, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand


The Asia Pacific AffiliRed Awards, held annually in Bangkok, celebrate the best travel performance marketing campaigns of the year managed by AffiliRed.

After the 10th anniversary awards of last year, the APAC AffiliRed Awards this year are set to be more intimate event, what we would call a “select gathering”, a perfect occasion to get together in a relaxed setting and a great opportunity to network with some of the leading APAC Travel companies.

The evening is set to be a very special one, so make sure you confirm your attendance as soon as possible to secure your place!

Here are the 2018 winners!

*AffiliRed Awards 2018 are based on data obtained during 2017.

Asia Pacific Top Selling Product Award

The Top Selling Product is recognition of the best-selling product. The nominees are drawn up from top selling hotels, routes, and other products which have generated the highest number of sales in the last year.


AffiliRed APAC Team Award

The AffiliRed APAC Team Award is recognition of those companies who have exceeded each department objectives and needs. This award is voted for internally and is based on each department’s criteria.


Asia Pacific Best Campaign Management Award

The Best Campaign Management Award is the new “Best attitude Award!”
The nominees of this category are those who are highly involved in the campaigns and have embraced multiple performance marketing solutions for their digital strategy. This is a reward for the effort, the proactivity and the best contribution to the development of their performance marketing campaign.


Asia Pacific Best Rookie Award

The Best Rookie Award rewards those companies who joined AffiliRed this last year and whose program has performed the best, thus generating more revenue.


Asia Pacific Best Seller Award

The Best Seller Award is recognition of those companies who have generated the most revenue during the last 12 months.


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!